Forms and Applications

Online Forms

To navigate to Office of the Registrar online forms, log into the e-form system here. On the top left corner of the page, select Forms. Scroll to Office of the Registrar under Browse by Department. Select the appropriate form.

Major/Concentration Change (FormID 1045): Change a major or declare a concentration

Permission to Add/Swap/Drop/Withdraw (FormID 1065): Students who are unable to add, swap or drop/withdraw on their own through Schedule Builder. Students granted permission for their action will have to go back to Schedule Builder to perform the action again. With the permission granted to their account in CUNYfirst, they will now be allowed to complete the action they were not originally able to.

Note that permission will not be given to students who receive the below error messages:

  • “You are unable to add this class at this time. Adding this class would exceed your course limit for this session”: If the class you are trying to enroll in session 2 makes your session 2 cumulative credit total exceed 7 credits, complete the Permission to Add a Third Class for Session 2 form (found under our Downloadable Registrar Forms and Applications section on this webpage below). If the class you are trying to enroll in session 2 does not make your session 2 cumulative credit total exceed 7 credits, complete the Add a Course form from your advisor.
  • “Exceeded the repeatable limit”: If you receive this error, complete the Add a Course form from your advisor.
  • “You cannot add this class due to a time conflict with class”: You currently are enrolled in a class that meets during the same time and/or day as the class you are trying to add. Modify your class schedule in CUNYfirst and try adding the class again after the time conflict has been resolved.
  • “Already enrolled in class, add not processed”: You are have already successfully been added to the class.
  • “Hold on record, Add not processed”: Follow the instructions stated in your ‘Hold Item’ to resolve the hold. For more information about the hold, contact the Department listed in your hold. To view your Holds, navigate to your Student Services Center. On the right-hand side, there will be a section for ‘Holds’. Select ‘details’ for more information about your hold(s). Select the Hold Item for more information about a specific hold.

Readmission Application (FormID 1062): Students who have previously attended Guttman Community College, but have not been in attendance for one or more terms, and did not graduate from Guttman are eligible for readmission. Students not in good academic standing (cumulative GPA is 2.00 or higher) will have to get approval from the Committee on Academic Appeals before completing this form.

Downloadable Registrar Forms and Applications

Below are downloadable forms and applications in pdf/word document format.

For the below forms, using your Guttman campus email, email your academic advisor (SSA or Career Strategist) the completed form. Be sure to have your name, term and year, and requested action (add/drop or withdraw) in the subject of your email. If your academic advisor approves of your request, it will be forwarded to the appropriate team for processing.

For the below forms, upload your completed form(s) to Document Upload in CUNYfirst. Instructions on how to upload your documents can be found on our How-Tos/Reference Guides webpage. Note that some forms require supporting documentation. Incomplete forms and applications will not be processed.