Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Group of students wearing caps and gowns posing for a selfie

Our mission at GCC is to create a community in which all students, staff and faculty can thrive. We celebrate our identity as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and a Minority Serving Institution (MSI) that is committed to providing a culturally engaging campus environment for our students.

Diversity refers to demographic, cultural, and philosophical differences among a group of people. Inclusion involves the establishment of an environment that enables respect and support for different perspectives, values, and experiences. It is our mission to serve our population by ensuring that all members of our community feel included to benefit from our differences.

Equity Statement

Guttman Community College strives to create an equitable community in which all students, faculty and staff regardless of their identity can work, learn and grow to their maximum potential. While we are a Minority Serving Institution, we recognize that building an equitable, diverse, and inclusive campus is not just about demographics.

Equity is different from equality, requiring that Guttman create and sustain an atmosphere in which all members feel valued and appreciated; where meaningful interaction among groups is commonplace; and where individual barriers to success, whether through institutional policy, or practice, are identified and dismantled.

Guttman is committed to becoming a model in which all community members are considered in the curriculum, in leadership, and in the issues we interrogate. In a truly evolving community like Guttman, the work of equity, diversity and inclusion is an on-going process that encourages individuals to bring their full authentic selves to the academic space, thereby enriching the educational environment.

Two images side by side: first, labeled "equality," shows three people trying to watch a baseball game over the top of a fence. The people are different heights, so the shorter ones have a harder time seeing. The second image, labeled "equity," shows each person having the number of crates they need to see over the fence and fully enjoy the game.

Interaction Institute for Social Change | Artist: Angus Maguire.

While this image has been widely used in the equity movement, we also acknowledge it focuses on individual deficiencies (height) rather than systemic issues (the fence). For more information, read this article from Medium.