HISPANIC-SERVING INSTITUTION TRAINING (from Dr. Gina Garcia on Jan. 30, 2019: All-College Meeting)


Blindspot book ocverBlindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People
Book by Anthony Greenwald and Mahzarin Banaji






COVID-19 Equity Resources


Anti-Asian Racism & COVID-19

Chronicle of Higher Education: Coping with Coronavirus – How Faculty Members Can Support Students in Traumatic Times



APIDA Advocacy & Allyship during COVID-19 (OID Institutional Diversity)

Asian Americans, racism and antiracism in the COVID Era (EmbraceRace)

Black Town Hall – National Forum Video (USC Race and Equity Center)

Closing the Student Skills Gap in a Changing Economy (UB Web Seminars) PRESENTATION SLIDES

Community College COVID-19 Panel (RaiseMe)

Confronting Xenophobia and Supporting Asian and Asian Pacific American Communities during COVID-19 (American Library Association ODLOS)

Delivering Quality Student Experiences in Virtual Learning Environments (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Designing High-Impact Practices for Equity and Impact in New Contexts (Association of American Colleges & Universities)

Diverse Talk Live: Will Diversity Suffer After the Budget Crisis from COVID-19: And the Remaining Unanswered Big Diversity Questions (Diverse Issues in Higher Education)

Equity-Minded Services in the Online Environment (CORA Learning)

Equity-Minded and Culturally Affirming Teaching Practices in Virtual Learning (CORA Learning)

How to Respond to Racial Microaggressions When They Occur (Diverse Education)

Responding to Racial Bias and Microaggressions in the Online Environment (CORA Learning)

Student Panel Webinar Recording (ExLibris Group)

The New Accessibility of Students with Disabilities and Access to Technology (Inside Higher Ed)