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About Scholarships

Scholarships are a form of aid that does not have to be repaid.  Scholarships are used to help pay for tuition, books, and other educational costs.   Students can receive scholarships that are specific to the college, merit-based, federal or state, and from outside sources. This is a resource page for students to learn more about finding funding and applying for scholarships.

  • Please note in most cases a student’s aid cannot exceed the cost of their attendance, and scholarships can affect financial aid award package. Please meet with Financial Aid Advisor to discuss anything that may impact Financial Aid.

Amadou Diaallo Scholarship recipients with Mrs. Diallo

On May 2, Guttman Information Technology students Jacqueline Areas, Kouadio Serge Kouame, and Britney Puma were awarded the inaugural Amadou Diallo Memorial Scholarship, each receiving a $500 award. Read more >>

Signature Scholarships

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College Signature Scholarships are a set of scholarships and grants that assist our students in accordance with the Guttman Community College mission. Signature Scholarships are a way to recognize Guttman Community College students who have special gifts to share with our campus community. The scholarships consist of merit-based scholarships and need-based grants.

The Amadou Diallo Memorial Scholarship – February deadline

Belle Zeller Scholarship –  March  deadline

CCTOP Scholarship– NYU transfer; April 1 for Fall applicants and November 1 for Spring applicants.

The Cornelus and Angela Klein Scholarship Fund at Guttman Community College (Main Contact: Jessica Portilla)

CUNY Becas Scholarship -January deadline ***

The Dream U.S. Scholarship (Main Contact: Nelson Castro) – February deadline     ***

Guttman Transfer Scholarship – October deadline for Spring transfer  and  March deadline Fall transfer

Golden Door Scholars 2020***

Jack Kent Cooke –November deadline

Phi Beta Kappa

University Student Senate (USS) Scholarship -June deadline

***undocumented students can apply

Additional Scholarship Options

Outside/private scholarships are provided by organizations unaffiliated with Guttman Community College such as community foundations, civic organizations, your local high school, national groups, family foundations, businesses and others. For these scholarships, you will apply directly to the sponsoring organization.

Students may search for outside scholarships online using a variety of search engines. Prior to searching outside sources, we recommend that students consider the following:

  • Beware of search services that guarantee you’ll receive scholarship money. No search service can control the decisions of scholarship sponsors.
  • Most foundations don’t charge a fee to apply for a scholarship; if they do, it is very small.
  • Get the details in writing. A search service should be willing to give you a written explanation of exactly how it works.

Below you will find a list of popular scholarship websites to support with your search:

Grizzly Tips for Writing Personal Statement

Scholarship applications are unique, so you have to tailor your essay to meet those specific requirements.  You can use the following tips to help guide you as you write your scholarship personal statement:

  • Use an outline to organize thoughts
  • Answer the essay question(s)
  • Give examples and be specific
  • Personalize the essay and be passionate
  • Write about something of interest to you
  • Talk about your impact on other people
  • Use clear, concise and simple language throughout the essay
  • Proofread a printed copy of the essay for spelling and grammar errors
  • Make sure the grammar and spelling are impeccable
  • Introduce yourself
  • Write about why are you attending Guttman
  • Talk about your Academic interests and goals
  • Explain any personal hardships or highlights
  • Highlight areas personal growth and success
  • Make sure to write a conclusion

Need helping with writing?  Guttman’s Academic Success Center (ASC), located in the Information Commons, offers a variety of services to meet the needs of our students and provide support for a strong academic foundation.

Grizzly Tips for References and Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an important part of any scholarship application.

Academic recommenders (in most cases, professors) provide important information about the student’s intellectual abilities.

When choosing non-academic recommenders, keep in mind that scholarship selection committees want to hear about significant and recent experiences. It is important to write a formal email to your potential recommenders to ask for their letter of support. These requests should be sent well in advance of the scholarship due date.

Once granted permission from your recommender:

  • Give your letter potential recommenders  basic information
    • Your contact information, resume and personal statement
    • The deadline for each letter you need
    • The type of scholarship for which you’re applying – scholarship details
    • Any special directions from the application
  • Give your potential recommenders bullet points of information you would like emphasized in the letter
    • Course of study
    • Career interests
    • Resume
  • Campus or community activities
  • Honors and awards received

Scholarship Workshops

Dream Scholarship
The Community College Graduate Scholarship is available to community college students with demonstrated financial need who have earned their associate’s degrees and seek to complete their bachelor’s degrees at one of our four-year. This workshop will give students detailed information, and tips on preparing and submitting a competitive application

How to Look for Scholarships and How Might This Affect Financial Aid
This workshop students will learn how to plan a strategic scholarship search and get insight into where to find additional opportunities outside of the Guttman Community College. Students will also be able to understand the financial aid process as it relates to the scholarship process. Students will create an action plan and are encouraged to bring a laptop and be prepared to start searching.

How to ask for letters of recommendation
This workshop will help students, create a plan for asking professors and staff members for letters of recommendation.  Additionally, students will learn how to construct emails and letters to ask for a recommendation.

Personal Statement Workshop
This workshop will give students the structure needing when students are seeking to prepare their statement for scholarships, transfer application, or professional programs. They will learn several writing and reflection strategies for identifying their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and motivation.

Signature Scholarship
Students will receive assistance applying to Signature Scholarships that Guttman Community College supports. These scholarships consist of merit-based scholarships and need-based grants.

The Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship
The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship honors excellence by supporting outstanding community college students with financial need to transfer to and complete their bachelor’s degrees at the nation’s top four-year colleges and universities.  The scholarship awards up to $40,000.00 per year towards tuition. This workshop will give students detailed information, and tips on preparing and submitting a competitive application.

Please look for emails from for Workshops, Dates, Locations and Times

Undocumented Student Funding Resources

State Financial Aid is now available to undocumented students!

The José Peralta New York State Dream Act allows undocumented and other students access to New York State‐administered grants and scholarships that support their higher education costs. If you attended or graduated from a NYS high school, attended an approved NYS high school equivalency program, or received a NYS equivalency diploma, you may be eligible for state financial aid. The DREAM Act provides access to the Excelsior Scholarship, the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and other state‐administered scholarships.

To apply and review the eligibility requirements, please visit the Dream Scholarship website. You can also access the Step-by-Step User Guide to Completing the NYS DREAM Act Application

The Cornelis and Angela Klein Scholarship

The Stella and Charles Guttman Community College Foundation, Inc. is excited to partner with the Malcolm Gibbs Foundation to offer a scholarship opportunity to students who are not able to submit the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) due to immigration or citizenship status. This award is open to incoming first-year and continuing full-time and part-time students, and provides up to full-time resident tuition per semester at Guttman Community College only.

These two foundations understand and value your privacy. In order to ensure your information remains confidential, only the Immigrant Student Success Liaison, Jessica Portilla, will view your entire application. The Scholarship Committee reviewing your application will not know your name or any of your contact information.

Click here to apply now! The deadline is June 20th, 2023; however, we encourage students to apply early in order to receive their award notices early.

Contact: Jessica Portilla, Immigrant Student Success Liaison, Jessica Portilla at or (646) 313-8839 for more information.

For other Scholarships for Undocumented students check out Guttman’s Immigrant Student Resources website

Klein Scholarship (Flyer)