Transfer of Credit

All students may be eligible for transfer credit based on previous learning experiences that occurred prior to their enrollment at Guttman. This includes previous college-level coursework, exams, and other learning experiences within or outside of a college or university.

Former Guttman students who apply for readmission may be eligible for transfer credit based only on college-level coursework completed at a college or university during the semesters between their previous Guttman enrollment and readmission to Guttman.

Transfer of Credit Eligibility

The following types of prior learning may qualify for transfer credit if they meet all of the criteria listed below.

Prior Coursework 

  • Coursework completed at a CUNY institution, including College Now, with a grade of D or better
  • College-level coursework completed during high school at a non-CUNY college or university, with a grade of C or better

Prior Exams 

  • An AP (Advanced Placement) score of 3 or above
  • An AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) score of E or better (US equivalent to C or better)
  • A CLEP (College Level Examination Program) score of 50 or above
  • A DLPT (Defense Language Proficiency Test) score of 3 or above
  • A DSST (DANTES) score of 400 on Criterion Referenced test, or 45 on Norm Referenced test
  • An IB (International Baccalaureate) – Higher Level (HL) only score of 5 or better
  • An UEXCEL (Excelsior College Exams) grade of C or better

Prior Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences refer to non-credit courses taken within or outside of a college or university, participation in programs with educational content (e.g., study-abroad, supervised research), and professional or military training (whether or not this results in credentials or certification).

To request a review of prior learning experiences, students must complete the Transfer of Credit Evaluation Request form. Upon review of the form and supporting materials, the Program Coordinator(s) and the Division of Academic Affairs (DAA) will determine whether or not the experiences will receive transfer credit toward a degree at Guttman. If credit is awarded, it will appear on the student’s Guttman transcript according to CUNY policies for posting credit earned externally to the College.

If the credit awarded is in lieu of a course typically taken in the first year, the DAA will work with the Registrar and the Division of Student Engagement to create a course schedule that reflects the credit earned. A student who disagrees with the Transfer of Credit Evaluation made by the DAA may file an appeal with the Committee on Academic Appeals, whose decision is final.

Prior Learning Credit Process