Withdrawal Policies

Withdrawing from a Class

The academic calendar indicates the last date by which a student may withdraw from a class. The class will remain on the student’s transcript with a grade of W but will not calculate into the GPA.  Note that this differs from dropping a class.  When dropping a class, it will not appear on the transcript. To withdraw from one or more classes, second year students may either do it themselves through CUNYFirst or have their advisor fill out a Withdraw from a Course form. We encourage second year students to meet with their advisor to discuss their decision. First year students must meet with their advisor to withdraw from a course. Requests made before the deadline indicated in the academic calendar will be honored.  There is no guarantee that a request for withdrawal after the last date indicated in the academic calendar will be approved. If a request after the deadline is not approved, the student will receive a grade in the course. Remember that adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a class is an academic action that the students initiate and for which are responsible. If a class is not dropped by the deadline indicated in the academic calendar, it will remain on the transcript whether or not the student attended the class.

Administrative Withdrawal

CUNY requires faculty to confirm that students have attended class at least once by a date announced in the academic calendar for each session of each semester.  Students who do not attend class even once by this date receive an administrative withdrawal from each class not attended.  A grade of WN shows for the class in CUNYFirst, but the class does not appear on the student’s official transcript.  If the student receives a grade of WN, the student may not be admitted to class. Additionally, students remain financially liable for the class and may lose financial aid.