Registration at Guttman Community College

The Office of the Registrar announces the dates for registration in advance of each registration period.  First year students are enrolled into classes dependent on the House and Cohort they are placed into. After their first semester, first year students register for classes themselves. All second year students are responsible for their own registration.

An Advisement Service Indicator may be placed on students’ accounts in advance of registration contingent upon GPA and/or other factors.  Students with this indicator cannot register until an advisor removes the service indicator and thus are required to see an advisor. Before going to an advisor, students should go to Degree Works to check on their progress towards their degree. By selecting the “Registration Checklist” view, a list of classes that are needed to complete the degree requirements are shown. Students should check CUNYFirst to see which of the classes needed are being offered for the semester for which the student wishes to register.

Students are fully liable academically and financially for the classes for which they register.  Because of this, it is strongly advised not to register for a class that does not apply to their degree program.  If a registered class does not apply to the student’s degree program, it could delay graduation and adversely affect any financial aid for which the student may otherwise qualify. For any questions about which classes are required for a degree, please see an advisor.

The amount of credits allowable to register for is also dependent upon GPA. For instance, students who are below a 2.0 GPA and/or are on academic probation may not register for more than 12 credits. Only students with a certain GPA may enroll for more than 16 credits. Students who wish to register for more classes than permitted in CUNYFirst need to meet with their advisor.

Students are encouraged to register for both the 12-week and 6-week sessions of the semester during the registration period. If the credit total is below 12, it is considered part-time and financial aid may be affected. After registration, the bill and any qualifying financial aid can be viewed on CUNYFirst.  Financial services representatives are available year-round for assistance.

Registration is not complete until payment is made, and the College reserves the right to drop a student from classes if payment is not made by the payment due date.

After registering for a class, Guttman Community College considers that registration to be a clear indication of intent to attend that class. If the student decides to stop attending the class for whatever reason, it is the student’s responsibility to notify us officially on the change in status. They may do so by either dropping the class through CUNYFirst or meeting with their advisor to drop the class. Classes dropped through the date indicated on the academic calendar do not appear on transcripts.  After this date, students may still withdraw from a class, but the class remains on transcripts with a grade of W. Please see the Withdrawal Policies for more details. Students may be entitled to a full or partial refund of tuition paid for a dropped class. Refunds are based on the date on which the class was dropped officially.  Please refer to the academic calendar for the deadline dates.