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Student Lounge and Game Room

Looking to take a break from classes and finding some fun with friends?  The game room is equipped with table tennis, a pool table, and an air hockey table. The student lounge contains vending machines with various snacks and beverages, two microwaves, two multimedia stations for console gaming and multiple seating and tabling options.

The student lounge and game room are located on the lower level.

The game room is open from 10am – 8pm from Monday thru Friday, when classes are in session.  The student lounge is open from 7am – 10 pm from Monday thru Friday, when classes are in session.

Both spaces will be closed on holidays, and any days where the academic schedule requires students to participate in co-curricular programming.

Game Room Expectations

  1. Everyone is welcome!
  2. Respect the Game Room Equipment as if it is your own
  3. Return equipment back to Room Attendant
  4. If something is broken, report it right away to the Room Attendant
  5. Keep music at a Respectable volume, as to not disturb the offices on the lower level
  6. Food and Drinks are not allowed in the Game Room
  7. Please clean up after yourself

Game Room Policies

  1. Game Room hours of operation are 10AM-6PM when classes are in session.
  2. Game Room facilities are available to anyone with a valid Guttman identification, all students must sign in at the front desk
  3. All games are available on a first come, first served basis. During high demand, we ask that players limit their playtime to 30 minutes
  4. Students who break equipment will be asked to purchase new equipment
  5. Please no sitting, standing, or laying on the tables in the game-room.
  6. All equipment must remain inside the game room at all times
  7. Food and drink are not allowed in the Game Room, use the cafeteria
  8. College Personnel reserves the right to limit music and volume.
  9. The game-room door must remain open at all time during hours of operation.

For any suggestions or comments about the Game Room, email: