Position Descriptions

Peer Leaders

Peer Leader

Peer Leaders assist first-year students with study skills, time management, organization, collaboration strategies, general academic competencies, and using online resources. Peer Leaders are available for one-on-one and small group meetings. They also participate in weekly in-class LaBSS sessions that are designed to build academic, professional, and leadership skills. Individuals who enjoy public speaking, facilitation, collaborative group work, and desire a career in teaching or education are well suited for the role.

Meet-Up Peer Leader

Meet-Up Peer Leaders attend specific course sessions, facilitate in-class group work and present pieces of classroom lessons. Outside of the classroom, these Peer Mentors lead weekly group study sessions (Meet-Ups) to provide academic support in the areas of Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Precalculus, Reading/ Writing, and Statistics. Individuals who are good communicators, patient, appreciative of different learning styles, have strong academic backgrounds, and desire a career in education or helping professions are well suited for the Meet-Up role.


Ambassadors are Peer Leaders who work 3-4 hours a week with their respective area in the Office of Student Engagement.

Bryan Person

Wellness Ambassador

Wellness Ambassadors are Peer Leaders who have an interest in promoting mental health and wellbeing at Guttman and serve as a Wellness resource for other peer mentors. Peer Leaders with the Wellness Ambassador designation will receive specialized training around mental health topics, making referrals, navigating sensitive conversations, and identifying and responding to individuals in distress. They will assist the Wellness Office in de-stigmatizing mental illness and counseling as well as support Wellness programs and initiatives. Research shows that students are more likely to first reach out to other students and peers for help. Wellness Ambassadors will serve as a link, connecting students to Wellness staff and promoting mental health and wellbeing at Guttman Community College.