Clubs & Organizations

Interested in joining a club? Attend the Club Fair on:

Tuesday, September 19th from 11:30AM – 1:00PM in the Atrium!

If students are interested in co-curricular activities, they can start a club with support from the Student Government Association. They can also join an existing club with other members of the Guttman student body. Club members generally meet during common hours, which are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the Fall I and Spring I semesters. Leadership competencies for club members include, but are not limited to: identity development, self-awareness and community building.

List of current and past clubs at Guttman:

Abilities Inc

Our mission is to create an all-inclusive community for students with and without disabilities at Guttman. We provide students with an opportunity to network and build positive relationships. Together we also learn how to advocate, fight against preconceived notions and stigmas related to disability.

Club Advisors:
Luis Gutierrez (
Maryanne Sackarnoski (

President: Eden Bishop

Avid Writers Club

The Avid Writers club is a collective of Guttman student’s who are passionate about writing. We invite all levels and all styles- all we ask is you to bring your creativity and willingness to participate! 
Club Advisor:
President: Holliday Senquiz

Global Culture Club (Inactive)

Guttman Culture Club is the student organization arm of the Global Guttman study abroad program. The purpose of GCC is to give students who have experienced study abroad an opportunity to share their experiences with their peers, in an effort to encourage them to participate in future study abroad programs.

Faculty Advisor:
James Mellis (

Grizzly Knights ( Chess Club)

The Grizzly Knights is Guttman’s Official Chess Club. Students, Faculty and Staff alike meet together to play chess, go over puzzles and positions and develop their knowledge of this classical game. Anyone interested in joining the Grizzly Knights can fill out this form.
Club Advisor:
Danny Cordova ( Chess Rating: 1400
President: Andrew Granillo, Chess Rating: 1000
Vice President: Michael Sanchez, Chess Rating: 1000

The Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) seeks to build unity through diversity and education. The MSA aims to make Islam understood by all members of the community, both Muslim and non-Muslim;.  Our goal is to challenge and break down stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam and its followers, to present Muslim issues with respect to life on campus via various Islamic events and to strive to make, raise and increase awareness of Islam and provide a safe space for all Muslim students and guests at Guttman Community College.

Club Advisor:
Natasha Trueblood(

One More: Undocumented Student Advocacy Club

Guttman Community College’s One More initiative seeks to provide a safe space for students, faculty, and staff to show support and love for the undocumented community. The space is student-centered and student-led. It aims to be a place to share experiences, knowledge, and resources to unite and advance the advocacy work for the undocumented.

Club Advisors:
Sarina Harty (

Dana LePage (

Jessica Portilla (

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of two-year colleges. The purpose of PTK is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. PTK provides an opportunity for the development of leadership and service for high academic achieving students. Beta Phi Gamma is the College’s chapter.

Joining Phi Theta Kappa is a great way to be recognized for your contributions to the Guttman academic community, and opens the door to opportunities for scholarship, leadership and professional development. Members can apply to more than $37 million in transfer scholarships, take part in volunteer events, become certified in leadership skills through Five Star Competitive Edge or take part in one of PTK’s many national programs. To learn more about the benefits of joining PTK, visit the PTK website or attend one of our on-campus info sessions.

Club Advisors:
Diana Zechowski (

The Royal Grizzlies (Guttman Dance Club) - (Inactive)

The Guttman Dance Club was created in 2018 to give students with an interest in dancing and performing the opportunity to build an expressive community. The club hosts practices and performances throughout the academic year. The club aims to create a space full of creative dance and movement, bonding and fun. We welcome various levels of dance expertise. A unique aspect about the club is that even if you are not a dancer, the club offers an array of leadership roles in networking, social media organization and management, creation of music mixes and more. The dance club is currently recruiting members.

Club Advisor and Contact: Shomari Townsend (

S.P.A.R.K. Club (Inactive)

S.P.A.R.K., an acronym for Students Promoting Attitudes of Respect and Kindness, aims to give students that are passionate about creating a more inclusive campus community the opportunity to come together to understand differences and influence a positive environment. SPARK Club will give Guttman students an opportunity to enhance campus climate by facilitating engagement in positive behaviors that promote a sense of community and belonging. This club provides activities that are geared towards inclusion of diverse groups, increases awareness of service and volunteering, and engages in activities and programs to promote tolerance, respect and engagement.

S.P.A.R.K. was founded through research from the Office of Student Conduct. The vision was that such a group of students could provide transformational leadership and awareness to issues such as, but not limited, to the following:

  • Gender Equity
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Cultural Sensibilities
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Religious Freedom

Past Events:

  • S.P.A.R.K. Logo Contest
  • Workshop on Friendships and Relationships
  • La Carnivale
  • National Teacher’s Day
  • World Food Day
  • Conflict Resolution Engagement
  • Treat for Toys for New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital
  • SPARKFest

2019-2020 Student Exexcutives:

Samantha Singleton (President)
Maya Burgess (Vice President)
Delicia Figueroa (Treasurer)
Naomi Barrera (Secretary)

It Only Take a SPARK: Summary of Fall Events.

Stonewall LGBTQ+ Club

The purpose of the Stonewall LGBTQ+ Club shall be to create an inclusive environment that is safe and supportive of student diversity in the areas of sexual orientation and sexual identity/expression, as well as, promoting awareness and respect for members of this community.
Club Advisor:
President: Gianna Fernandez