Student Government Association (SGA)


2022-2023 SGA ELECTIONS: MAY 10 - 20

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2022-2023 SGA Candidates

Running for President

Sonia Gaglani

Sonia Gaglani

My name is Sonia Gaglani, and I am a first-year Information Technology student at Guttman running for the position of SGA President. My family comes from Mumbai, India, and my native tongue is Gujarati.  I love to interact with members of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and it is my goal to travel the world when I am older. In my free time, I love to read, spend time with my family and friends, and listen to music. 

It is my goal to increase student connections with their courses, peers, faculty, and campus life. By amplifying the school’s attention to extracurricular activities and communication outside of the conventional classroom, I believe that I can improve student productivity and connection to their coursework. I am certain that within the right environment, any student can flourish. Therefore, it is my goal to ensure that each student walks of Guttman having not only learned the necessary skills to embark on their chosen career path, but has had a memorable experience with their classmates and affiliations. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions that you would like to swing by me, feel free to reach out to my email at .

Running for Vice President

Ryan Gordon

Ryan Gordon

Coming back on campus with COVID-19 still going on I think Guttman should do both online classes for students who wanna stay home and in person for students who wanna go into school because I’m not really feeling going into next semester or the following semester on campus because this following semester I was in campus somebody in my classroom had caught COVID-19 and that is highly important to shut the school down after that because we have family’s we have to go home to at the end of the day which is frustrating to me and I wanna reform that.

Wiidcherleene Sabrina Lozier

Woodcherleene Lozier

My name is Woodcherleene Lozier, but most call me Sabrina. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, and My nationality is Haitian, as you can see by my first name. I am the first one of my siblings to attend college. My lifetime goal is to become a corporate lawyer. Becoming Vice president means I can get a taste of connecting and helping a community become its best. As Vice President, I want To support students both in-person and online by providing clubs, trips, and Academic and mental support. Education has been primarily challenging for many students, including me, during the past few years. Some important thing I have learned is that it’s essential to be a part of a school, and I want to show students the importance of including themself in academics and the school itself. As vice president, I would try my best to support and help all students find what they’re passionate about. I’m a friendly person, so if you need help in anything, both school and personal, I’m always here to provide a listening ear and support you. 

The best way to contact me is through my school email 

Jonathan Saint Fleur

Jonathan Saint Fleur

My name is Jonathan Saint Fleur, I speak Haitian-Creole, English, and partial French. I was born and raised in Haiti. I moved to Brooklyn with my family when I was 14 years old. I am currently majoring in Liberal Art and Science. I love listening to music, eating watermelon, and enjoying a good steak from time to time. I am a fan of Star Wars, Batman, and Marvel, but I also very much enjoy physical exercise. I love playing soccer, volleyball, and baseball; I have high hopes with help from the SGA, we can bring sports to Guttman. 

If I get elected as Vice President my goal is to bring more opportunities to students to engage with one another. I vow that the library should remain quiet for those students who wish to nourish their minds and better their education. Yet, students also need a safe space or outlet where they can connect with other students in a fun atmosphere. I look forward to building connections and friendships with all of you. I believe I can always learn a lot from my peers, especially when it comes to leadership.

Please feel free to reach out to me through my email:

Running for Secretary

Cassey Garces

Cassey Garces 

I come from a Hispanic background but was born and raised in New York, which I believe is one of the greatest cities in the world! After my time at Guttman, and I have finally graduated with my Associates degree, I would move on with my education to Hunter College majoring in English Language and literature while minoring in Art History, Human rights or Women and Gender Studies. When I’m not buried in school work, I enjoy reading, journaling, riding my bike, hanging out with friends, listening to music and watching movies. 

Throughout my high school experience, I’ve always felt as if I wasn’t capable of contributing to change and that my voice didn’t matter. It took me a while to acknowledge my strengths, the strength in my voice,  as well as what sets me apart from other people, and it took me a while to come to terms with what I wanted to do in life. But I always knew that I didn’t want to do things for my own well-being, I wanted to enforce change in other people’s lives and my environment. My goal is to make the Guttman environment a bit more social by providing more physical activities and more events the student community is willing to be a part of. I believe making close friendships plays a pivotal time in our college experience, in addition, I want to maintain a safe environment on school grounds. I want to be someone people could trust to speak on anything and voice out what they wish changed and what they believe could be improved on. 

I am running for the secretary position and I want to be a part of the SGA because I believe that I’ll be a great voice for those who feel shut down or unimportant. I want to be a part of a change and an amazing community. There is always room for improvement and I believe that I could be a great partner and team member. I want to be surrounded by those who are as eager and determined as I am. 

  Feel free to reach me through my email,

Running for Treasurer

Arthur Avery

Arthur Avery

Hello everyone, my name is Arthur, And I am a freshman at Guttman Community College. My major is information technology. I was born In New York City, and I have lived in New York City for my whole life so far. I am the third person in my family to attend college. I am from Manhattan. My hobbies include photography, archery, and exploring.

The role of treasurer is to be responsible for overseeing the budget for college, recording the financial expenditures for SGA, and taking recommendations that you guys have to open a new club in college.

After Guttman, I plan on transferring to a four-year university to major in information technology. My life goal has been to become a firefighter. 

Also, if you guys need someone to talk, to I am always available to help or listen.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact me at

Running for Senator

Thierno Diallo

Thierno Diallo

Hello everyone,  my name is Thierno Diallo and I am a freshman at Guttman Community College, majoring in Urban Studies. I was born and raised in Guinea, West Africa, moved to  New York two and half years ago, and am currently living in the Bronx. My hobbies are all about exploring. I really enjoy exploring new places, new cultures and costumes, and other people’s ideas and realities. 

I am running to be a senator for Student Government Association (SGA) because I would like to contribute to student government by being an intermediary voice that transmits the needs of students and to create a better Guttman experience for students.  I want to be a senator to make every student’s opinion valued and respected. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at .

Every opinion should count!