As part of the CUNY-wide effort to conduct and utilize results of the COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey, the College has created this page to address questions our colleagues may have.

Guttman's COACHE Taskforce

The COACHE Taskforce has been charged with dissemination of the report and gathering data that will assist in fostering collaborative dialogue leading to an action plan to address pertinent needs of improvement at the College.  The Taskforce is comprised of the following members:

  • Ayechia Perez-Cruz (Staff/Guttman COACHE Lead Liaison, Director of Academic Operations)
  • Nyssa Hasan (Staff – Center for College Effectiveness, Senior IR Data Analyst)
  • Michelle Leonardo-Nunez (Staff – Human Resources, Assistant Director for HR Operations)
  • Dr. Andrea Morrell (Faculty/Academic Senate Chairperson – Associate Professor, Anthropology)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Wentworth (Faculty – Assistant Professor, Mathematics)

2019 COACHE Survey

2023 COACHE Survey


The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is a research-practice partnership and network of peer institutions dedicated to improving outcomes in faculty recruitment, development, and retention. Under COACHE, more than 250 colleges, universities, and state systems have strengthened their capacity to identify the drivers of faculty success and implement informed changes.

Through over a decade of work with senior faculty administrators, COACHE has a unique understanding of faculty needs and the intricacies of life in the collegiate environment. Based on scholarly literature, interviews with faculty, and focus groups with senior academic administrators, the COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey was crafted by and for academic affairs individuals.

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