Experiential Learning Opportunities

Student talking to army officers at a job fair
group of Global Guttman students in Shanghai
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Guttman Community College-Experiential Learning Opportunities (GCC-ELO) facilitates students’ theory to practice connections, enhances their academic learning, and supports them in the development of the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to local and global solutions for a brighter future.


GCC-ELO seeks to offer high-quality experiences in fieldwork, research, leadership, civic engagement, global applied learning, and internships. GCC-ELO works with the support of our partners on campus and in the community to facilitate transformative, academic learning opportunities that support students’ growth professionals.

Digital Badging

What are the benefits of earning a badge?
Digital badges are a way to showcase your abilities and educational achievements online. You can also link your badges to platforms such as LinkedIn.

What badges are available at Guttman?

Guttman Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

• Written, Oral & Digital Communication badge
• Quantitative Reasoning & the Use of Digital Technologies badge
• Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
• Global Learning & Civic Engagement badge
• Integrative Knowledge badge

Experiential Learning

Leadership badge
Field Work & research badge
• Career & Professional Development badge
Global Learning and Civic Engagement badge

Badge Requirements

Guttman Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

Once you demonstrate proficiency in the Guttman Learning Outcomes (GLOs) (see descriptions and rubrics) in your courses and in co-curricular activities, you will become eligible to claim a badge.

  • Written, Oral & Digital Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning & the Use of Digital Technologies
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Integrative Knowledge
  • Global Learning & Civic Engagement

Experiential Learning

Once you demonstrate proficiency in Experiential Learning in your courses and in co-curricular activities, you will become eligible to claim a badge.

  • Leadership
  • Field Work & Research
  • Career & Professional Development
  • Global Learning & Civic Engagement

Questions about digital badging?
Contact CCPP at partnerships@guttman.cuny.edu.


GCC-ELO develops quality ELOs through an inclusive environment that promotes collaboration between students, faculty, community and employer partners. Guttman is committed to infusing Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELOs) across the curriculum to offer a transformational and engaged learning experience which value personal connection to deep applied learning, reflection, and analysis.

ELOs help build core skills for long-term academic and career success. ELOs include research and fieldwork, internships , campus work, leadership engagement, civic engagement, service learning, community service, and applied global learning that harness student strengths through multiple sensory modalities for learning.

Notice and Demonstrate your ELOs

Look for ELOs on your course syllabi. Consider adding your ELO experiences to your resume and connecting with the Center for Career Preparation and Partnership for further ELO planning to support your personal and professional goals.