CUNY Common Core – Pathways

CUNY Common Core at Guttman

The general education requirements for the entire CUNY system are known as the CUNY Common Core or Pathways. Thirty of the 60 credits required for an Associate degree must be from Pathways-approved courses. Due to the Pathways-approved courses that make up the curriculum, Guttman students are able to complete nearly all of the CUNY Common Core requirements by the end of their First-Year Experience (FYE).

The Pathways are split into two sets of requirements: a mandatory core of 12 credits and a “flexible” core of 18 credits. Each core is further divided into categories by subject matter and area of study. Specific requirements for both cores in all of their respective categories are presented in the tables below. Pathways also has aligned gateway courses for a number of popular majors.

Importantly, once Pathways credits are earned at Guttman, they will carry over seamlessly if a student transfers to another CUNY college. Furthermore, fulfilling a Common Core area requirement at one CUNY college means that requirement is met at any other CUNY college.

CUNY Common Core Requirements

(12 credits/4 courses)

Guttman Common Core Requirement Course Options

(12 credits/4 courses)

English Composition (2 courses) ENGL 103: Composition I (3 cr.)

ENGL 203: Composition II (3 cr.)

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (1 course) MATH 103: Statistics (3 cr.) OR

MATH 103A: Statistics A (1.5 cr.) AND MATH 103B: Statistics B (1.5 cr.)

MATH 120: College Algebra & Trigonometry (3 cr.)

MATH 120.5: College Algebra & Trigonometry with Lab

MATH 201: Pre-Calculus (STEM Variant)

Life and Physical Sciences (1 course)* BIOL 122: Introduction to Life & Environmental Science (3 cr.)

BIOL 211: General Biology I (STEM variant)

BIOL 212: Human Biology (STEM variant) (4 cr.)

CHEM 120: Introduction to Biological Chemistry (STEM Variant)

CUNY Pathways Flexible Common Core

(18 credits/6 courses)

Guttman Pathways Flexible Common Core

(18 credits/6 courses)

World Cultures and Global Issues (1 course) LASC 101: City Seminar I (3 cr.)
U.S. Experience in Its Diversity (1 course) LASC 102: City Seminar II (3 cr.)
Creative Expression (1 course) LASC 200: The Arts in New York City (3 cr.)
Individual and Society (1 course) SOSC 111: Ethnographies of Work (3 cr.)
Scientific World (1 course) CHEM 110: Introduction to Chemistry (3 cr.) OR

SOCI 231**: Introduction to Urban Community Health (3 cr.)

One additional course from one of the above areas SOSC 113: Ethnographies of Work II (3 cr.)

*Some majors, such as Human Services, require a different Pathways-approved “STEM variant” course to satisfy the Life and Physical Sciences core. The STEM variant, BIOL 212: Human Biology, is offered as a 4-credit course.

**SOCI 231: Introduction to Urban Community Health meets the Pathways Flexible Core requirement for Scientific World, effective as of the Fall 2014 semester.


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