Research Funding Opportunities

CUNY Internal Funding Opportunities

As members of the CUNY system, Guttman faculty are offered numerous resources for faculty engaged in research, scholarship, and inquiry into pedagogy.

CUNY Internal Funding Opportunities

GrantForward (CUNY)

GrantForward enables registered users to customize, save, and share searches, funding opportunities, alerts. Users may access information from anywhere when logged into their accounts.

GrantForward services include:

  • Ability to identify and connect funding opportunities to researchers at one’s CUNY institution
  • Access to the most comprehensive sources of funding opportunities globally
  • Identify researcher expertise from within or outside CUNY
  • Enhanced communication, monitoring, and tracking among individual faculty, teams, or researchers
  • Functionality to add internal deadlines to critical funding opportunities and send weekly updates on saved searches that a user organizes in their folder

GrantForward collection of training videos

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Pivot: A Next-Generation Funding and Research Expertise Database

Pivot is a powerful tool that allows faculty and staff to quickly and easily discover funding opportunities matched to their expertise and interests and to identify potential collaborators within CUNY and beyond.

Pivot combines an editorially maintained database of funding opportunities across the disciplines, worth an estimated $33 billion with 3 million pre-populated scholar profiles. A proprietary algorithm compiles pre-populated profiles for faculty and other researchers, allowing them to instantly view a set of potential funding opportunities. Researchers can then refine the results by adding information to their profiles and creating targeted searches.

For Guttman faculty and staff, Pivot:

  • Provides access to a comprehensive source of funding opportunities that are updated daily
  • Identifies researcher expertise within or outside of CUNY
  • Allows monitoring and tracking of funding opportunities among research groups
  • Sends weekly email updates on saved searches users organize in their folders


Pivot collection of training videos

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