Faculty Procedures for Grants

Faculty should complete the Guttman Grant Routing Form for all CUNY and external grants at least two weeks prior to the submission deadline. The procedure is:

  1. The completed Grant Routing Form ​should be submitted to OAA and all other appropriate parties listed (if relevant to the proposal). NOTE: Grants that include reassigned time require additional approval from the Dean of Faculty.
  2. The Business Office will review the Grant Routing Form and follow up with the applicant as appropriate. Faculty are strongly encouraged to meet with the Business Office prior to submitting the Grant Routing Form to OAA to discuss an appropriate budget.
  3. Upon approval from the Business Office, the Grant Routing Form  will be forwarded to the Office of the President.
  4. After receiving presidential approval, the grant applicant may submit their proposal to the grantor.
    • ​Provide the form attached in downloadable format. I checked the accessibility, but couldn’t resolve the issue (didn’t know how to “verify”). Let me know if you can’t post.