Pre-College Programs

The Pre-College Programs at Guttman offer our students a variety of options to enhance their college readiness.

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Guttman features Math Start as an important pillar in our future students’ successful transition to college. Math Start at Guttman is an intensive 8-week summer program for incoming students who are eligible based on their CUNY proficiency index. Math Start is designed to help students boost their math proficiency and earn math course credits more quickly upon matriculation.

Students who participate in the Math Start program have the opportunity to:

  • gain early access to Guttman’s superior resources, including a specialized College Success Seminar and one-on-one college advisement;
  • enroll in Guttman’s MATH 103: Statistics course – a semester-long first-year course that leads to timely placement in their Program of Study/major; and
  • enter their chosen Program of Study/major earlier, saving tuition and financial aid for courses that count toward their degrees.

See how completing Math Start affects a student’s progress in Guttman’s First-Year Experience:

Graphic of a student's progression in math courses during Guttman's First-Year Experience based on completing Math Start. Five colorful chevron arrows point to the right. They contain text for each semester, beginning with Math Start in the first arrow on the left. The text in the other four arrows includes the semester, course, and number of credits.

Program Goals 

In a collaborative, student-centered learning environment, students increase their understanding of math, prepare for college-level coursework, and are able to meet CUNY’s math proficiency milestone.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Guttman Admissions process and accept the Offer of Admission to the College.
  2. Attend a Guttman Math Start Information Session.
  3. Complete a Guttman Math Start Application.
  4. Participate in an interview with a Guttman Math Start staff member.
  5. Provide a copy of your high school diploma and complete additional Guttman admissions requirements.
  6. Pay a one-time, all-inclusive fee of $35.00.

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College Now at Guttman gives qualified New York City public high school students the opportunity to enroll in courses that earn college credit and to participate in academic enrichment workshops to strengthen the foundation for their academic success. Interacting directly with Guttman faculty, course content, and the college environment prepares students for a smooth transition from high school and supports the beginning of a successful college career.

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