Industry Certification

Per Scholas workshop

Beginning in Spring 2019, the Information Technology (IT) Program has collaborated with Per Scholas to enhance our courses with IT industry certification. Per Scholas is an organization committed to closing the technological skills divide and preparing smart, dedicated people from underserved and underrepresented communities to work in key technical roles, creating transformative career opportunities for students and building a more diverse technical workforce.

Students in the IT Program are required to complete INFT 204: Internship in Information Technology, a course that fully embeds the NACE Career Competencies into major assignments throughout the semester and leads students to industry certification to further their IT careers. To date, students enrolled in this course have applied for certification in Network+. In the near future, industry certification will be expanded to additional IT courses and to include Comp TIA A+ and Cybersecurity.

CUNY Research Scholars Program

2015 Guttman Research Scholars Program participants

Motivated IT students have the incredible opportunity to work with CUNY IT faculty and industry professionals to conduct and assist in real-life research as CUNY Research Scholars. Over one academic year, the CUNY Research Scholars Program provides funded laboratory experiences for Associate degree students to encourage undergraduate participation in authentic research and to increase persistence in STEM disciplines. Students receive 400 hours of mentoring from faculty members and participate in programming offered at their campuses, including sessions on laboratory safety, public speaking, and poster preparation.

Past CUNY Research Scholars – IT

2017-2018 Enmanuel Brito ‘18
2016-2017 Marcos Fermin ’17
2015-2016 Eddy Vittini ‘16 and Kalsang Yangtso ‘16
2014-2015 Alejandro Lopez ‘15 and Manuel Villegas ‘15