Navigating Your New Job

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Every institution is unique. Every job is different. Here at Guttman, we recognize and appreciate just how much there is to learn when starting a new job. That’s why various events and programs have been designed to assist our new employees in acclimating to their roles and to the Guttman Community.


New full-time faculty are assigned mentors through The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). You will learn more about this during your onboarding with OAA.


The New Employee Guttman Partnership System (GPS) was designed to assist you in acclimating to your new work environment. Available to full-time staff, this employee partnership program is comprised of current Guttman employees who serve as “GPS” Buddies to our new employees. GPS Buddies are carefully selected peers, partnering with new employees during their first 2 months of employment to provide a resource, helping guide new staff through Guttman processes and organizational culture, answer basic questions, and serve as a point‐of‐contact in your new work environment. You can expect to receive an email from HR introducing you to your GPS buddy sometime during your first week.

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Getting to Know Guttman

Every Fall and Spring, The Office of Human Resources hosts Getting to Know Guttman, where all new Instructional Staff employees are invited to learn more about the College and the Guttman community, meet with key College administrators and special guests, and socialize with fellow new-hires. During these informative sessions, you will meet the members of our HR Team, receive your New Employee Orientation, learn about the Guttman Model, get an overview of CUNY policies and your employee benefits, learn about the various services offered at Guttman, and so much more! Newly hired Instructional Staff will receive more information about this event and an invitation to attend the next upcoming session from HR.

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All-College Faculty and Staff Meetings

The Office of the President hosts annual All-College Faculty and Staff Meetings. These meetings are designed to bring the whole college community together in order to review our past performance, highlight key accomplishments, share current news, and discuss strategies for future goals and targets. All employees are strongly encouraged to attend these important events, which bring us together and reaffirm our commitment to community.

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