Hybrid Training


At Guttman, experiential and technology-enhanced teaching and learning practices are the norm in the classes held fully face-to-face. The Hybrid Training is a professional development workshop series designed to strengthen and enhance these elements, leveraging the innovative teaching methods and high-impact practices utilized in our courses. Through preparing faculty for developing and teaching hybrid courses, this training demonstrates and mirrors Guttman’s collaborative Instructional Principles and methods.

Pedagogical Goals

  • Creating an Active Learning Environment
  • Reaching Diverse Learners
  • Self-Directed Learning

Program Description

Participants learn the core principles of hybrid course development through directed discussion and demonstration related to effective pedagogical strategies and academic technologies, including, but not limited to instruction in ePortfolio, Blackboard, Guttman Blogs, and CUNY Academic Commons. Faculty gain competency in designing and teaching an exciting, rigorous, and effective hybrid course, as well as a solid grasp of the resources and services available to support them and their students in this format.


Full- and part- faculty interested in teaching hybrid courses are encouraged to apply.

Certification Process

Upon completion of all training sessions and assignments, faculty will receive a certificate of completion.