Guttman Seminar for Part-Time Faculty

Faculty in a group discussionPart-time faculty are vital members of the Guttman community. To support the growth and development of part-time faculty, each semester the College offers the Guttman Seminar, a series of five professional development workshops for part-time faculty. Participants must commit to all five sessions of the Seminar and are compensated for their participation.

The Seminar focuses on putting the Guttman Instructional Principles into practice through the sharing of model teaching strategies and the introduction of research-based approaches. Offered with support from CUNY Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUE) program, the purpose of the Seminar is to support the teaching practices of part-time faculty in order to improve student learning.

Through participation in the Guttman Seminar, participants will:

  • Share teaching strategies
  • Discuss challenges related to student learning
  • Adapt and refine assignments and activities in order to motivate and support student learning
  • Reflect on their effectiveness as instructors and members of the Guttman learning community