Classroom Technology

Guttman Community College provides a range of academic technologies for use in classrooms and as part of your teaching and learning practices. We encourage faculty to incorporate academic technology in ways that foster collaborative, experiential and student-centered teaching and learning.

Presenting Multi-Media Content in the Classroom:

Classrooms are equipped with either an interactive white board (IWB) (or Smart Board) or a ceiling-mounted projector. Smart Boards are located in virtually all campus classrooms and provide projection from a computer or laptop screen onto a whiteboard surface.

All classrooms include an instructor podium with a network-connected control computer and a DVD drive. The control computers are connected to the Internet, so additional content can be accessed directly from the Web.

Log into the podium computer using your normal Guttman credentials. You will have access to your computers P-drive contents (i.e. “My Documents” folder), as well as the N-drive, and all other file shares as if you were at your own workstation.

Classroom Technology for Fostering Hands-On Teaching and Learning

There are laptop carts with 28 computers each stationed in each classroom. Faculty are encouraged to make use of classroom laptops for in-class activities and workshops with students.

A class set of iPads is available for instructional use upon request and will provide students with direct access to campus Wi-Fi from anywhere in the building. The iPads can be used for experiential learning projects, documenting service-learning activities, and capturing audio and video for course assignments.

An Apple TV is installed into each podium computer, providing the ability to share the screen of an iPad to the IWB as well.

VisionPro for managing classroom laptops

Each podium computer contains VisionPro software that can be used to control and manage the classroom laptops. This allows you to give control of the IWB to a student, control the content on the laptops, and provide a way to share information directly to the laptops as well.

Getting Help

There is a phone installed in each classroom. If you encounter any trouble with the classroom technology, phone the helpdesk and we will dispatch someone to your room immediately.