New tenure-track faculty simultaneously form a cohort and are each paired with an individual mentor in their respective discipline. During Year 1, faculty are introduced to their mentors and colleagues, the Guttman model and Instructional Principles, and essential logistics and processes.

August : Nuts and Bolts of Guttman Community College

Mentor Assignment (first visit)

Faculty Meet and Greet
(evening of second visit or evening of first Assessment Day in August)

September: Back to School Basics

  • Syllabi
  • Akademos
  • Introduction to Starfish
  • Teaching Observations

October: GCC Support Services

Conduct, Wellness, Connect Center

November: Pedagogy – Collaborative Learning Techniques

December: What Went Well? Semester Reflections with Mentor

January: Overview of RPT & Preparing the First Progress Report
(first week of January)

February: Planning the Semester Ahead & Pedagogy Continued – Collaborative Learning Techniques

March: Making the Most of the Annual Review

April: Cultivating Positive Classroom Dynamics Luncheon

May: Planning for the Second RPT (Writing the Faculty Progress Report)

June: Reflections & Mentor Feedback