Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) – Year 3

Guttman’s Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) Guidelines are designed to ensure fairness and consistency in faculty personnel decisions. As described in the Guidelines, the third year annual evaluation and Pre-Tenure Review are important milestones in the RPT process for tenure-track faculty. To prepare faculty for the third-year review, the college offers direct, one-on-one mentoring support through the Faculty Personnel Committees (FPCs). Mentors are assigned by the FPC chair in collaboration with the Dean of Faculty from among tenured or exemplary untenured members of the candidate’s FPC at the end of their second year. Mentors meet monthly with their mentees during the third year, either in-person or remotely. Mentors discuss the candidate’s goals and plans for development and growth based on prior Annual Reviews, feedback from the Dean of Faculty Affairs, teaching observation reports, and any other guidance or feedback received from the Office of Academic Affairs. The purposes of the mentoring relationship are to ensure candidates achieve benchmark criteria in the areas of teaching effectiveness, service and engagement, and research and scholarship by the end of the third year and maintain adequate documentation of their efforts.