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Having a community that understands your experience is invaluable. At Guttman and CUNY, there are safe spaces and groups where you can find community and meet others with similar experiences.  This page will also post upcoming events pertaining to the undocumented and non- citizen community.

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The Immigrant Student Liaisons at Guttman manage small projects including this webpage, outreach to the community, and liaising with the Central group. 2021-2022 Members include Jessica Portilla, Financial Aid Specialist, Sarina Harty, Student Success Advocate, and Dana LePage, Associate Director of the Connect Center. For more information on CUNY Student Immigrant Liaisons please visit

One Mora club logoOne More is a club dedicated to advocating and supporting undocumented students at Guttman. For more information or to get involved please email Sarina Harty, Student Success Advisor, at

Undocually: Guttman Community College. No Human is Illegal

Guttman Community College’s UndocuALLY initiative is currently being developed and seeks to provide a safe space for students, faculty and staff to show support and love for the undocumented community.  It aims to be a place to share experiences, knowledge and resources to unite and advance the advocacy work for the undocumented.

Past events:

October 13, 2022

We hosted our first “Guttman Stands with Immigrants” event on October 13, 2022. Students, staff, and faculty were invited to write messages of support and allyship on paper butterflies, the symbol of migration, and attach them to a banner that will be displayed on the walls of the College. CUNY Citizenship Now and The NYS Youth Leadership Council tabled at the event and remarks were made by Dr. Cynthia Carvajal, Interim Director for Undocumented and Immigrant Student Programs at CUNY, Larry Johnson, President of GCC, Sonia Gaglani, SGA President and Sabrina Lozier, SGA Vice President. This event was co-sponsored by CUNY Edge.




June 28, 2022

Jessica Portilla, one of our Student Immigrant Success Liaisons welcomed new students to Guttman at the Admissions Social on June 28, 2022. She shared information about the Klein Scholarship and collected names of students who are interested in getting involved in our One More Student club.










Upcoming Events: