Submitting a CARE Referral

Behaviors to refer to CARE include, but are not limited to, unusual or bizarre behavior, passive expression of aggressive thoughts, psychological or behavioral concerns, physical/sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, stalking, disruptiveness, behavior that may be dangerous to oneself or others, or other behaviors that raise concern. 

To submit a CARE Referral Form:

  • Please submit the CARE Referral Form online.
    • Please fill out the form to the best of your ability, it is okay if you are unable to answer each question. 
  • For questions regarding CARE referrals or anything else related to the CARE team, please email 

The more you tell us, the more we can help! Helpful information includes:

  • Student’s name, ID number (if known) and any contact information you have for the student (email, phone #’s) and any other individual(s) involved
  • Specific behaviors you observed or information you read or heard
  • Location where the incident or observation took place (classroom, social media, text, off-campus)
  • Time and date of incident or observation
  • Direct quotes when possible
  • Related voice recordings, text messages, and emails
  • Actions or steps you took to help or address the concern

If you, or anyone else, from the campus community observes a situation that needs immediate intervention, please contact Public Safety immediately at 212-221-4630 or extension 3-8102. If you are not on campus, please call 911. Situations that warrant immediate intervention include violence, or someone who is an imminent threat to themselves or others. 

A CARE Referral Form should be submitted AFTER emergency personnel have been contacted. You can submit the CARE Referral here.