Condolences Protocol for Staff

In the event a student’s immediate and/or close family member dies, the following steps will be taken in order to best support the student: 

  1. Upon hearing of a family member’s death, the faculty or staff will inform the student that they (the faculty/staff) will inform CARE and the student’s advisor. 
  2. The faculty or staff should then submit a CARE Referral Form at
  3. CARE will respond by notifying the student’s advisor and the Counseling and Wellness Center 
  4. Advisor and Counseling staff will each reach out to student 
  5. Card from the Chief of Student Affairs will be mailed to student** 

*Offices bound by laws of confidentiality, such as the Counseling and Wellness Center, will not disclose information unless a student’s written permission is given. 

**The Chief Student Affairs Officer will take additional actions such as notifying the Chief of Staff or attending a funeral, as deemed appropriate or necessary