Guttman Students and Alumni Publish Anthology of Short Stories



October 20, 2021 | Academics, Alumni, Alumni Achievement, Experiential Learning, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Publication, Student Achievement

Triumph and Trauma book coverTwenty-three Guttman students have published an anthology of original short stories, Trauma and Triumph: 23 Tales. These first-time authors offered a range of stories in multiple languages including code. Stories played with the narrative frame by positioning the narrator as both passive and active. Stories also included fairytales and diary entries formats. The range of topics is prolific in scope often swinging from periods of grave trauma to heights of great and wondrous triumph:

Vesseled Night – Patricio Morocho

Voices – Esther Khanutina

Getting Better – Derek Cornejo

The Immortality Quest of a Mermaid – Ama Odenho Darkwa

Friendly Fire – Cindy Parache

The Light Within Me – Aysha Saldana

Infinite Pain – Mark Rodriguez

The Story of Shloh – Rosalyn Santana

La Oscuridad Me Mata – Daniel Tiu

No Love Allowed – Nyalenie Rodriguez

The Hell of An Angel – Heaven Martinez

The Unexpected Experience – Megan Rosa

Screaming Silence – Rashida Goodridge

Wounded Soul – Kimberly Escolastico

The Curse – Ashley Rodriguez

The Truth About Leslie – Adisa Pejcinovic

3x3cuti0n3rs.3xploits – Adalberto Trujillo

The Origins of Jeremiah – Jennifer Trigueros

The Dream Within – Joseph Rodriguez

Arising From the Ashes – Roesha Biggs

Hustle – Handerson Sanchez

Damned Feasts – Angela Washington

Run, Baby, Run – Melise Douglas

These scholars and authors provided authentic voices to fictional characters and reflect the creativity and cultural wealth of student narratives.

The collection was edited by Lydia Shestapolova and Dr. Nicola Blake and supported by Prof. Jeff Brewer, visiting adjunct writing faculty. The collection was made possible by the Guttman Innovation Fund and Denver Promotion Studios who designed the cover and overall layout, and arranged for the final publication.