Dr. Kristina Baines Awarded Transformative Learning in the Humanities Fellowship



October 23, 2021 | Academics, Faculty, Fellowship, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Kristina Baines

Dr. Kristina Baines

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Area Coordinator of Technology, Dr. Kristina Baines has been awarded the Transformative Learning in the Humanities Fellowship.  This fellowship is a part of the significant three year CUNY-based project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  Along with CUNY’s 2021-2022 THL Faculty Fellows, Dr. Baines aims to use this fellowship to continue to foster a collaborative pedagogical approach in fostering civic engagement with students, as well as the Guttman and CUNY community at large.

As a THL Faculty Fellow for the Fall 2021 semester, Dr. Baines is working with students in the Introduction to Urban Community Health course to create broadly defined maps of their neighborhood health resources.  These community health resource maps created by students will be shown as a combination of digital (with narrated video) and analogue presentations at a December event in conjunction with Hunter College.

Dr. Baines joined Guttman in 2014 and is currently an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Area Coordinator of Academic Technology at Guttman Community College since 2014.  Dr. Baines is an applied sociocultural anthropologist with interests at the intersection of health and embodied ecological practices. She works with indigenous and immigrant communities, primarily in Belize and New York City. She also has a strong interest in innovative technologies and means of research dissemination. Dr. Baines holds a Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology from the University of South Florida; an M.Sc. in Medical Anthropology from the University of Oxford; an M.A. in Social Anthropology, Biology Cognate from Florida Atlantic University; and a B.A. in Anthropology from Florida Atlantic University.