To change personal information such as address and phone number, log into CUNYfirst > HR/Campus Solutions > Self Service > Personal Information, and update your information directly. For changes in name, marital status, and/or degree, complete a Change of Personal Information form and submit to the Office of Human Resources directly. If you are participating in the Edenred Commuter Benefits Program, submit a Change Personal Information form to Nicole Paige, Assistant Director for Employee Services in the Office of Human Resources. Contact your union and pensions plan directly.

For full time employees, computation of the biweekly wage is made by dividing the annual salary by the number of calendar days in the year and multiplying this result by fourteen (the number of calendar days in a pay period).

For more information, please visit the NYC Pay Rate Calculator page.

In the event you lose your paycheck, please submit a notarized Stop Payment Notice Form to the Office of Human Resources.

For more information, visit the NYC Check Replacement page.

We advise that employees change their direct deposit account with the Office of Human Resources first. Furthermore, the Office of Human Resources strongly recommends that employees do not close their old bank account until the new one has been updated in the payroll system to avoid the check being returned to the City.