Collaborative Cybersecurity Certificate Program Between Guttman Community College and Henry Street Settlement Set to Begin September

June 14, 2023 | Academics, Cybersecurity, Technology

New York, N.Y. (June 1, 2023) — The Cybersecurity certificate program, presented by Stella and Charles Guttman Community College’s newly established Career Innovation Hub (CIH), is prepared to begin this September at the Henry Street Settlement. The inaugural cohort will comprise up to 30 students who are interested in the field of cybersecurity. The program […]

Alexandra Hamlett, Information Literacy Librarian and Assistant Professor, Library Science and Information Literacy

March 22, 2022 | Academics, Faculty, Faculty Feature, First Year Experience, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Research, Technology

As an information literacy librarian, Alexandra Hamlett helps students learn essential research skills, skills that include finding, evaluating, and using multiple information types in order for students to be able to access credible information for their academic and personal information needs. In 2015, she was thrilled to join Guttman College, where an innovative and creative pedagogy is embraced. Guttman’s founders outlined a non-traditional community college and developed a curriculum tied to student success. “I have been privileged to develop an information literacy program where I collaborate closely with faculty to embed information literacy skills across the First-Year Experience and the Programs of Study,” says Professor Hamlett.