Helping Others

Grizzlies, Family First

  • You are probably already cooking, cleaning, caring for, and supporting
  • Set a good example to your younger siblings and show them how you are studying and focusing on school work
  • Play a game or do a puzzle with a loved one
  • If you need to run an errand, do so, and wear a mask or facial covering if you go outside
  • Don’t forget about you! Take time to center yourself and thoughts.  Create “ME Time”

Grizzlies, Guttman Second

Grizzlies, Larger Community Third

  • Is there someone in your neighborhood who might need help? Reach out.
  • Can you volunteer to help anyone in your church, mosque, or temple?
  • Is there a NYC-wide project that interests you?
  • Can you reach back to a teacher or guidance counselor at your high school and see if you can help?
  • NYC needs volunteers!