Grow with Google Career Readiness Program

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Welcome to the Grow with Google Career Readiness Program!

Guttman Community College has launched the Grow with Google Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Career Readiness Program. This new initiative provides over 20 HSIs an online digital skills program to help students prepare for critical steps in their career journey.

The program contains five interactive learning paths with core lessons that will help you build digital and practical career skills.

Earn Your Certificate(s)

The Grow with Google Career Readiness Program allows you to earn a certificate when you complete each of the learning paths below.

Learning Paths

Path 1: Build Your Digital Skills: Explore a variety of Google digital tools and learn how you can use them to increase your productivity in the workplace and in everyday life.

Path 2: Explore Career Paths: Research possible career paths to figure out which career might be right for you. Then create a career plan and start networking to help you find a job in the field.

Path 3: Land a Great Job: Use digital tools to search for a job, write a resume and cover letter, and learn how to stand out in interviews while conveying your personal brand.

Path 4: Succeed at Your New Job: Practice running efficient meetings, managing projects, and presenting to organizational stakeholders.

Path 5: Start Your Own Business: Research business opportunities, write a business plan, and estimate the financing you need to create your own business.

How to Register for the Grow with Google Program

Visit the Skillshop page.

Sign into your Google Account

Click on the “Browse” icon and select Grow with Google Career Readiness Program

Select Grow with Google HSI Career Readiness Program

Select your first pathway and GET STARTED

Remember to edit your profile and insert your Guttman Email under Company Email* in order to recieve your completion certifcate from Guttman. Lastly, choose to “Connect your Google Account”