Mini Guide to Developing Goals


  • Goals represent big picture outcomes that your area strives to achieve in support of the college mission.
  • Goals tend to carry over from year to year.
  • Goals may focus on student learning, student support, operational activities, employee culture, and/or policy.
  • Goals are broader than “practices,” which are specific activities performed in a given year.
  • 3-5 Goals are reasonable to include. The number may vary by area.


  • Support college operations and decision-making by preparing accurate and timely institutional data.
  • Sustain strong employee retention.
  • Promote employee growth with professional development.
  • Promote students’ academic growth in first-year courses.
  • Ensure students meet program learning outcomes.
  • Promote students’ professional growth.
  • Enhance students’ leadership skills.
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility across the college.
  • Ensure college facilities are well maintained.