Mini Guide to Data Sources/Assessment Methods


  • Data Sources/Assessment Methods represent the information or approach used to answer your area’s assessment questions and study progress toward target outcomes.
  • Data Sources/Assessment Methods are relevant, practical, and feasible to use.
  • Data Sources document where the quantitative and/or qualitative information comes from.
  • Data sources include existing information from dashboards, college surveys, and/or institutional research reports, before collecting new sources of information.
  • Assessment Methods describe direct and/or indirect approaches to studying progress.


  • Learning Outcome Data/Method: GLO rubric ratings for student artifact.
  • Learning Outcome Data/Method: Course assignment rubric ratings for specific knowledge or skills.
  • Learning Outcome Data/Method: Post-activity short writing-prompt.
  • Learning Outcome Data/Method: Pre- and post-test comparison.
  • Participation Data/Method: Depot swipes.
  • Student Success Data/Method: Graduation rates disaggregated by gender.
  • Quality Data/Method: Student satisfaction ratings in Guttman Student Survey.
  • Quality Data/Method: Employee ratings in College Employee Satisfaction Survey.
  • Quality Data/Method: Number of PROS awarded to area staff or faculty.
  • Operations Data/Method: Comparison of budget expenses in CUNYfirst for current and past fiscal year.
  • Operations Data/Method: Time to completion in helpdesk system.