Guttman College Partners with H. Lavity Stoutt Community College to Promote Collaborative Academic Opportunities



December 16, 2022 | Academics, Community Service, Events, Publication, Student Engagement


New York, N.Y., and Tortola, B.V.I. (December 9, 2022) – Stella and Charles Guttman Community College of the City University of New York is excited to announce that it will be partnering with H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) in the British Virgin Islands to promote collaborative academic opportunities between these innovative institutions.

The agreement signing ceremony was held virtually on December 5, 2022, to formalize the partnership between Guttman and H. Lavity Stoutt. Signers of the Statement of Shared Interest agreement were Guttman President Dr. Larry Johnson and H. Lavity Stoutt President Richard W. Georges, who were gathered alongside Guttman Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Dr. Nicola Blake, H. Lavity Stoutt Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Arlene L. Smith-Thompson, and other representatives from both institutions.

Guttman Community College and HLSCC look forward to considering a diverse range of mutually beneficial exchanges, including the exchange of faculty and research staff; exchange of students (undergraduate and/or graduate); summer schools and faculty-led programs; joint research programs; joint conferences or workshops; and/or organization of other academic exchanges agreeable to both universities.“Establishing a partnership with H. Lavity Stoutt confirms our commitment to promoting access to unique undergraduate research opportunities for a diverse student body.

Enabling Guttman faculty to extend their research interests beyond New York City is paramount to the ideals of scholarship and service which defines the Guttman Model,” Johnson explained. “H. Lavity Stoutt Community College is proud to partner with Guttman Community College to develop avenues of opportunity for our combined faculty, staff, and students,” said HLSCC President Georges. “We believe that this agreement can aid both institutions in realizing our missions in meaningful and transformative ways.”

“Guttman’s commitment to traveling abroad has long been a key component of the educational experience; we are thrilled to partner with our sister college in the British Virgin Islands to further bring these opportunities to fruition, “Provost Blake said.

HLSCC Vice President Smith Thompson said, “Given our common, student-focused goals, I am confident that this partnership agreement between the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College and Guttman Community College will augur well for our institutions as we seek to enrich the experiences of our faculty, staff, and students even more.”

To learn more about the partnership, please contact Guttman Community College at 646-313-8025 or  and/or H. Lavity Stout Community College at 284-494-4994 or

H. Lavity Stoutt Community College is a community-minded two-year college preparing students for continued study and the world of work. Located in the British Virgin Islands, the College is primarily Government-sponsored and comprehensive, with the main and south campuses in Paraquita Bay on the larger island of Tortola and a smaller center on Virgin Gorda. With a range of degree and certificate programs, affordable tuition, and outreach, HLSCC students receive the quality education and training necessary to obtain good jobs, transfer to four-year institutions, upgrade skills, or acquire new ones to be competitive in the global marketplace. The College’s Centre for Professional Development partners with local businesses and industries to offer cost-effective and competitive contract and customized training, other workforce development training, industry certifications, English as a Second Language, and lifelong learning opportunities. The Robert Mathavious Institute offers certifications with several certifying bodies to prepare financial services industry professionals for work placement.

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College was CUNY’s first new community college in more than forty years. Reimagining what community college could be, Guttman opened its doors in Manhattan in August 2012 to create a research-based, an innovative model focused on moving students efficiently toward graduation. Offering associate degree programs in a nurturing environment, the College’s three-year graduation rate consistently surpasses the national average, and most graduates transfer to senior colleges. Guttman is federally designated as a Hispanic-serving institution and minority-serving institution with more than 85% of the student population identifying as Latine or Black/African American. The College was named the best community college in America in 2020 and the top community college in New York State for 2020, 2021, and 2022 by and other ranking agencies.