Guttman Community College Strengthens the Financial Planning and Literacy Skills of Its Students



December 1, 2022 | Advancement, Early Career Experience Program, Grants, Student Engagement, Student Feature

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College are strengthening the financial planning and literacy skills of its students! The Grow Your Money Workshop Series is a year-long series that introduces the student body to financial knowledge through leveraging real-world applications.  

The workshop series is facilitated by Uriah Brown, Student Success Advocate, and overseen by Dr. Cristina Ortiz-Harvey, Director of Financial Aid.  

On November 17, 2022, students learned how to assess their financial health by acquiring skills such as creating a personal budget, developing strategies for saving, and understanding the essentials of establishing credit. 

“Our addiction to spending can prevent us from realizing our goals,” Uriah Brown says. “When we budget responsibly, we can gain personal autonomy.” 

The workshop series is a part of the Title V Project Adelante initiative from the Career Innovation Hub. As a recipient of a five-year grant from Project Adelante, Guttman College will offer students a coordinated set of culturally responsive experiences designed to improve their financial literacy, prepare students to transfer to a four-year institution, and ready students to enter a career of their choice. 

Project Adelante 

Project Adelante’s financial literacy education program is based on research by the U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission, which emphasizes that financial literacy programs should be clear and comprehensible, timed to student experiences, and developed for the specific needs of each student population. By integrating financial literacy modules into carefully selected curricular and co-curricular spaces, Guttman College will meet these criteria and effectively serve its students.