LIRT News Selects Guttman Professors’ Article as One of Top 20 for 2021



May 23, 2022 | Academics, Faculty, In the Media, Publication, Research

Library Instruction Roundtable has selected an article by Guttman Professors Meagan Lacy and Alexandra Hamlett as one of the Top 20 instruction articles published in 2021. The LIRT Top-20 Committee reviews the library instruction literature from the previous year and identifies the twenty best instruction articles of that year. Professors Lacy and Hamlett’s article, “Librarians, step out of the classroom!: How improved faculty-led IL instruction improves student learning,” was originally published in Reference Services Review.

In “Librarians, step out of the classroom!: How improved faculty-led IL instruction improves student learning,” Professors Lacy and Hamlett explain how teaching faculty should share ownership of information literacy (IL) instruction. Professors Lacy and Hamlett use a case study in which they train English Composition faculty to integrate IL into their courses as well as to teach IL independently in order to demonstrate the advantages of incorporating IL skills in the context of a course or discipline.

As one of LIRT’s 2021 Top-20 Articles, Professors Lacy and Hamlett’s article will be listed in the upcoming June issue of LIRT News, which is freely available online.

Assistant Professor Alexandra Hamlett is an Information Literacy Librarian at Guttman College. She is passionate about empowering students to critically evaluate information and to recognize themselves as scholars and knowledge producers. Her research interests include exploring the intersection between information literacy instruction, technology, and student interaction. Specifically, Professor Hamlett is interested how the rapidly changing culture of our information society has urged educators to assess information literacy instruction and alter the ways we use innovative pedagogy to impact student success. She holds a Master of Library Science degree from Queens College, CUNY, a Master of Arts in English and American Literature degree from Hunter College, CUNY, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Cal Poly.

Professor Meagan Lacy earned her Master’s in Library and Information Science at the University of Washington. She also holds an M.A. in English at Indiana University at Indianapolis and a B.A. at Seattle University, with majors in philosophy and English. She became a librarian primarily because she is attracted to the profession’s core values—its democratic mission and commitment to lifelong learning through information literacy (IL). As an Information Literacy Librarian at Guttman College, Professor Lacy’s main task is to empower students to use information critically to learn and to create new knowledge. Having previously worked in public and private K-12 schools, she saw firsthand the difference information makes, the advantage of better access. Whether Professor Lacy is meeting with a student for a research consultation, teaching IL in the classroom, or posting faculty work to CUNY’s online intuitional repository, her goal is to narrow the information divide.