2022 Faculty and Staff Awards Presented



May 20, 2022 | Awards, President's Office

On Friday, May 13, 2022, the seventh annual awards were presented to faculty and staff in recognition of their outstanding service, commitment, and dedication to the College. The ceremony was the first back-in-person celebration of its kind since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Awardees were nominated by their colleagues.

2021 – 2022 Faculty and Staff Awards: May 13, 2022

MC: Nila Bhaumik

Faculty Awards Committee Members:
Nicola Blake, Tashana Samuel, Thomas V. Philipose, Maggie Dickinson, Marcus Allen

Staff Awards Committee Members:
Danny Cordova, Bianca Castro, Crystal Vazquez, Nicola Blake, Leslie Mejia
(Nila Bhaumik, Jaclyn Helms & Cheri Randall {non-voting members})



The Paul Naish Award for Excellence in Teaching: Camila Torres Rivera 

The Paul Naish Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes exceptional teaching that contributes to student learning and pedagogical innovation.

Award for Excellence in Teaching for Part-Time Faculty: Samuel R. Finesurrey    

Award for Excellence in Teaching for Part-Time Faculty recognizes exceptional teaching that contributes to student learning and pedagogical innovation.

Provost’s Award for Outstanding Scholarship: Laura H. Clarke

Provost’s Award for Outstanding Scholarship recognizes exceptional scholarly achievement during the preceding academic year, across a range of possible achievements (e.g., published scholarship, conference presentation, external grants).

Provost’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentorship: Karla Smith Fuller, Marla A. Sole 

Provost’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentorship recognizes exceptional scholarly and professional mentorship (official and unofficial) within the Guttman community during the preceding academic year, supporting and guiding junior faculty.

Provost’s Award for Exemplary Use of Starfish: Cassandra Barnes, Valdon Battice, Jesse Calvo Allen,  Brandon Frazier 

Provost’s Award for Exemplary Use of Starfish recognizes and rewards exceptional use of the Starfish software system for student retention and success to provide students with feedback on their performance, monitor their progress, and connect them to services in the Guttman community.



President’s Award for Leadership: Daniel Ambrose, Allyson Bregman, Cristina Ortiz-Harvey

President’s Award for Leadership is bestowed upon any member of the Guttman community whose work and spirit inspires and empowers others. Leading by example, this individual demonstrates transparency and trust, creating an environment for success and serving as a catalyst for change. Embodying the Guttman values, this individual advances the mission and vision of the College. They are a role model and a team builder who mentors, guides, and cultivates leadership in others.

President’s Award for Community Engagement: Jacquecelle Guralnick, Yolelda Ira

President’s Award for Community Engagement is bestowed upon any member of the Guttman community who actively engages and readily provides service for the benefit and common good of the College. They work collaboratively across all units and strives to serve the multiple needs of the community. This individual demonstrates a desire to give back to the college community by actively contributing and engaging in relevant events, committees, task forces, working groups, and/or activities that advance the Guttman values. In addition, this individual displays exceptional leadership in engagement within the internal community and/or the external local community.

President’s Award for Individual Development: Brandon Frazier, Kwame Ocran 

President’s Award for Individual Development is bestowed upon any member of the Guttman community who is driven by a passion for learning and expanding their knowledge and skill sets. This individual takes the initiative to enhance professional and personal growth in order to advance the mission of the College and meet departmental goals. They value and participate in relevant professional development opportunities, is willing to explore new ideas and practices, and is receptive and open to constructive feedback that would enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

President’s Award for Outstanding Service: Neisa Blackett

President’s Award for Outstanding Service is bestowed upon any member of the Guttman community whose personal commitment to excellence is an inspiration for others. This person has a “whatever it takes” attitude to consistently support their team and the Guttman community as a whole. This person constantly goes above and beyond to support colleagues, serve the students, and readily shares their ideas and concerns for the betterment of this institution. This individual demonstrates consistent good cheer, compassion, and dedication. The College is enriched by this person’s positive energy.

President’s Award for Peer Recognition of Outstanding Service (PROS)

Overall PROS Award Winners: Elisa Hertz, Krystal Liriano-Gonzalez, Joanna Wisniewski

Individual Award Winners:

Above & Beyond – Joanna Wisniewski

Collaboration – Joanna Wisniewski

Inclusion & Diversity – Jaclyn Helms

Innovation – Elisa Hertz

Leadership – Elisa Hertz

Respecting Others’ Perspectives – Elisa Hertz

Skill-Building – Courtney Stevenson


10 Year Longevity Awards (as of June 30, 2022):

Diane Babb

Nicola Blake

Jason Cutrone

Tracy Daraviras

Karla Fuller

LaToya Jackson

Claire King

Robert Klein

Andrea Morrell

Angie Sadhu

Sophea Sainsurin

Jeanne Schlosser

Naveen Seth

Alia Tyner-Mullings

Lori Ungemah

Racquel Valencia

Rebecca Walker

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