Guttman Community College Expands Scholarship Offerings



November 17, 2021 | Academics, Awards, Scholarships, Student Achievement

Guttman Community College is pleased to announce that it is expanding and deepening its scholarship offerings.

The College has awarded its first Scott Evenbeck Scholarships for Fall 2021. The Scott Evenbeck Fund for Student Success was established to honor President Evenbeck’s years of service to Stella and Charles Guttman Community College; he served as president from January 2011 through July 2020. The Fund’s purpose is to support individual student scholarships and college-wide initiatives that promote student success. There are 3 scholarships that will be awarded on an annual basis.

  • The Evenbeck Alumni Graduate School Scholarship: for an alumnus who is working on an advanced degree in either psychology or higher education administration
  • The Evenbeck Alumni Transfer Scholarship: for an alumnus working on a bachelor’s degree at a CUNY senior college
  • The Evenbeck Momentum Scholarship: for a continuing Guttman student who has earned more than 30 credits and intends to transfer to a CUNY senior college immediately upon graduation

Renahn Barcia is the winner of the Evenbeck Alumni Transfer Scholarship Award. In Fall 2021, Renahn began baccalaureate study at Queens College, where he is majoring in applied mathematics. Bashir Juwara and Hassanatou Barry are the winners of the Evenbeck Momentum Scholarship. Bashir currently serves as the president of the Student Government Association, and he is majoring in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Guttman. Hassanatou is pursuing a degree in Human Services. They both plan to continue their studies at a CUNY senior college after they graduate from Guttman.

Thanks to the generosity of the Malcolm Gibbs Foundation, which has funded the Cornelis and Angela Klein Scholarship at Guttman Community College since the 2017-18 academic year, Guttman is now able to offer full tuition to Klein Scholars. Previously, these students received 50% of their tuition expenses. This deepening of support is a game-changer for the Klein Scholars, who are ineligible to receive Pell funding due to citizenship issues and are able to receive this award. One Klein Scholar described the award as “the golden ticket that can launch my journey.”

Guttman is now going to begin fundraising for scholarship support for students who are parents. We recognize that raising children and progressing towards a degree is complicated and difficult. To celebrate these students and their deep dedication to earning their degrees, Guttman hopes to award at least one or two scholarships every semester that will cover at least 50% of tuition/fees for those what will become the College’s new Scholar Parents Program.