Guttman Statistics Faculty and Students Present Paper at National Numeracy Network 2020-2021 Annual Meeting



May 19, 2021 | Academics, Conference Presentation, Faculty, Research, STEM, Student Achievement

Guttman Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Marla A. Sole and her students Tamika Daley and Mendel Batashvili presented the paper “Never miss a teachable moment: How to cultivate statistical literacy and time-management traits that foster success” at the National Numeracy Network 2020-2021 Annual Meeting, held virtually February 26-28, 2021. According to the abstract, the presentation was on “a class project designed to investigate media claims that teens have changed their sleeping habits in response to the pandemic.” Guttman students Tamika Daley and Mendel Batashvili spoke about the research they and their peers conducted to collect “robust evidence to support or refute… the validity of claims made,” as well as what they learned from the project, both mathematically and personally. These gains, made through students “engaging… in meaningful, authentic investigations,” model how rigorous empirical methods can create a deeper grasp of statistics.

Dr. Sole designed the final project for her Statistics course to investigate a readily understood context, directly connected to what students were experiencing and navigating. Students worked as empirical researchers and applied the statistical skills acquired in the course to a relatable, complex real-world problem, which led to developing an intuitive understanding of how to interpret statistics and reflecting upon – even potentially improving – their own habits. This work illustrates Dr. Sole’s unwavering commitment to expanding who can do mathematical research through providing unique mentorship opportunities for Guttman students, including their appearances at regional and national conferences. Participation in such scholarly and professional events is critical to honing students’ presentation skills and adding marketable material to their resumes. Linking research and practice, Dr. Sole’s past statistics projects have been published in the Journal of Statistics Education and Mathematics Teacher.

Dr. Sole holds a doctorate in mathematics education from New York University and has authored numerous articles in statistics and mathematics education journals. She has taught a wide range of pure and applied mathematics courses, created online statistical modules as part of a grant funded by the National Science Foundation, developed a course in Quantitative Reasoning, supervised a senior thesis in Mathematics Education, and collaborated with colleagues to examine how to create streamlined successful mathematics pathways through a Teagle Foundation grant. Dr. Sole is the recipient of NYU’s Mitchell Leaska Dissertation Research Award, NYU’s Graduate Student Organization Outstanding Student Star Award, WCC’s Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, and the 2018 Guttman Provost’s Award for Outstanding Scholarship. Dr. Sole is also an elected member of two international honor societies: Pi Lambda Theta and Kappa Delta Pi. Her research examines the connection between pedagogical practices and educational policies.